April Book Photo Challenge:

::sigh of relief:: Wow I did not think I was going to finish this in time. I’ve been so busy with school that I almost forgot about the challenge. I really like this month’s look and the prompts, I hope you like them too. I can’t wait to see what you all post! As always, remember to have fun and please your own photography! 
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— Daphne du Maurier (via larmoyante)

This is the perfect place for me to live!!

Eleanor and Park❤️

— E.B. White (via winterkristall)

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I wrote on my copy of Ignite Me. Sorry Tahereh.

Omg. It’s so beautiful.

"Adult" author Lynn Shepherd on JK Rowling’s writing career



  • The idea that JKR is a commercial writer, and therefore lesser in quality, but that’s okay “for kids” because kids don’t merit better writing
  • The idea that JKR is allowed the “lesser” writing venue, but not the “real” stuff for adults
  • The idea that JKR should quit writing adult because this person wants her out of the market—as if JKR has no right to write whatever she damn well pleases
  • The idea that a reader will only ever buy one book, and that JKR is stealing the whole market and preventing a reader from buying anyone else’s books
  • The idea that a reader is so dumb that they will only buy a book because it’s famous/popular as opposed to selecting a book they want to read because they want to read it
  • The idea that only kids read kids books, and any adult that reads such novels is a terrible person
  • The idea that there is a separation between popular and literary, and a book can only be one or the other
  • The idea that this article exists
  • Ugh
  • I mean really
  • What an idiot
  • I just wanted to punch things now

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